July 9, 2008

Download and develop your 3d java game mobile

For starting in programming with netbeans first I upload a sample java mobile game project that you can download it and run it or change it and even make a new game.

3d model making

1-for starting programming first you should have 3d model maker .this software should can export models to m3g.I using 3ds max 2008 but you can also use any 3d software like blender and a m3g exporter with it.Blender and m3g exporter are free.Maya is another good software for it but is not free.Every box and sphere you create in this software ,have an id in m3g that give you access to them and You can rotate and move this object .Graphics of this model maybe have some problem in

Some phones on base of their graphics.

Netbeans project information

2. After make your 3d model and export it now you are ready for programming .you should export your 3d model to subfolder "src\res" from your project folder .

My game engine is panel1 class and game canvas is "Canvas" and middle is hellomiddlet. 3ds model is in res folder (game1.max)with m3g file and you can change this model in way you want.your project name in netbeans is your project folder(unzip file after download) and you jar file is in dist folder.You can run it from mobile .In next post I'll explain my project functions and cods and models.

About functions and code

Panel1 class have two functions setmeshpositions and movemesh.setmeshpositions (15,35,35,35) means that your object with id 15 is positioned in 3 dimension space in xyz coordinate(x=35,y=35,z=35) and movemesh(15,"up",5) moving your object with id 15 to up direction in 5 unit.For example in this code

int state = getKeyStates();

if( ( state & DOWN_PRESSED ) != 0 ){

panel.movemesh(15, "up", 5);

state value is 1 when your using a key(in otherwise is 0) or no and DOWN_PRESS value say that you pressed down or

no and if two of them are true mesh move up 5 unit in up direction.you can change this code with replace up with down or like that.in next post I'll write some more about this codes and functions.

Download project now

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