May 11, 2009

blender and python and game

blenderis a free 3d open source blender you can run a python code and access to object and rotate and scaled and transform
them .you can first make figure in poser and then import it on blender or 3ds max.for import any poser figure it is better to select unimesh demo in python script box and make a sample demo from figure and then import it to 3ds max or blender.then you can create a code like this

# Windows version
import Blender
import sys

print str(obj)

and run it on can custumize code with loop and others and make a game with it
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April 29, 2009

python and animation

python is great scripting language for animation specially use in blender and poser.
with a python script you can control tools of this software and moving of object in this.when you want to make game with java you can run a script sample in blender or poser for test of your game in real 3d scene and then make a java code for can download python ide from here
this is a picture of python shell ide

and this is a part of code for rendering frame of 1 until 10 and save their images
this codes help you also making animation easier and faster and control animation scenes.
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April 26, 2009

3 steps for making animation

poser and 3ds max are two good software for making animation and game .Poser is a 3d figuring
software and 3ds max is known 3d design software .in 3ds max you can design your 3d object like
and export it as 3ds file and import it in poser .In poser after import of 3ds max file you can create
figure and move it between frame of 1 and your desired frame.for better learning see here. for using in mobile game you should have a low poly figure and export again object to 3ds file and in 3ds max export all of movie in m3g file or obj file.
it is explained in 3 steps here
1-make object in 3ds max

2-import it on poser

3-render for making animation in poser
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April 23, 2009

3d animation and game

from today i want change my blog topic from java game programming to 3d animation and game.
because a best way to make games is that make good animation and run it with code in java or other programming language .from today i start my work in this subject .
be wait...
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February 25, 2009

ultimate fight 3d java game

in this version you can fight as iran,us,german,france,spain, place iran us, france,china ....
watch it here

and download it from

Hosted by eSnips

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February 24, 2009

animation and sound in 3d games

for this purpose you should use synchronized function for synchronized animation and sound with

your events occurred when key pressing.for Synchronize any functions you should use synchronized word before you functions this function is used for play mp3 sound
public synchronized void playmusic(String file)
Player p = Manager.createPlayer(file);
catch(IOException e)
System.out.println("Error in io : " + e.toString());
catch(MediaException e)
System.out.println("Error in media : " + e.toString());
you should add this function in function that you want played syncronized .
public void keypress()
for animation you can make any arbitary function like this
syncronized void animation()
this function force to moving a group in x axis without stop!
this was a sample way for animation and sound in java 3d game.
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February 17, 2009

download ultimate fight 3d 0.1 (my new game)

sorry for my late. i worked in my new game.this is ultimate fight 0.1.this game is in testing and contain a one level and two player now but this will be enhanced as soon this video you can see game in snaps.

watch it

and download it from here
download it
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