April 26, 2009

3 steps for making animation

poser and 3ds max are two good software for making animation and game .Poser is a 3d figuring
software and 3ds max is known 3d design software .in 3ds max you can design your 3d object like
and export it as 3ds file and import it in poser .In poser after import of 3ds max file you can create
figure and move it between frame of 1 and your desired frame.for better learning see here. for using in mobile game you should have a low poly figure and export again object to 3ds file and in 3ds max export all of movie in m3g file or obj file.
it is explained in 3 steps here
1-make object in 3ds max

2-import it on poser

3-render for making animation in poser
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