August 7, 2010

using interface in opengles (part 1)

in this tutorial  i’ll describe opengles template that using in game developing and add interface to it.You can use text and image and etc without any coding in iphone games.Just for more change in text and images in during  game you need coding. first we create new project in Xcode and select opengles template like this image


then select name for project .i select “test” for my project you can select another.

Xcode opened window like this image for you that you see test project and folders of it.


As you see test have 6 folder (classes,shaders,other sources,resources,frameworks and products).In resource you can see MainWindow.xib (is main topic of post).Select window .You can add some text and images and other library .see this image


In opengles codes forced some change in main window after run it.With any code you

can change interfaces also .after run your program you can see this window like it.


i add label(my game 1)to opengles sample project that you can chage font and size of text and others that you want.

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