July 16, 2008

Advanced programming I: lights and cameras

1.your 3d model

In every game you should select your lights and cameras carefully and move them on base of your objects moves specially in 3d games.

In this 3d model you see three light( free spot) and one camera and panel and ball(sphere).this is a sample game for moving a ball in panel.For using it you should export in m3g After do that maybe you see a view such this in a m3g player

As you see you may lost some graphics on base of your m3g exporter and your 3d software now you are ready for moving your lights and cameras.

2.moving your lights and cameras

Java have two class for moving light and cameras in m3g files with name Light and Camera.

For moving light and cameras you can use this codes

Light l=(Light)(Myworld.find(lighted);//getting your desired light

l. setTranslation(x,yz);//move it to x,y,z location

Camera m;m=(Camera)(Myworld.find(cameraid);//get your desired camera from your world

m.setTranslation(x,y,z);// move it to x,y ,z location

now you can run your game in netbeans emulator (see picture)but you should now that your game maybe presented in mobiles differently on base of their graphics.

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