September 15, 2008

step2:rotation object in game

you can rotate your object in 2 way.Which way you select is in base of your games and

algorithms and graphics of your programs.In first way you can set origin in game by

setOrigin function or like it.prerotate and postrotate function invoke this origin on

base of your origin and object default origin and make new origin.( see here for technical

information) This way is used when you want change your rotation origin on base of your game

algorithm and you havn't any fixed origin for your objects .But you can set your orotation origin in3d model maker software's and export it is better using mascot capsule because some

exporter maybe can't export your origin and will be using default origin. For this porpose in 3ds

max 2008 for rotate leg on base of its upside

first in command panel we select hierarchy(third box from left)

then select pivot button and click on affect pivot only and then you can see small is your

rotate or move or scaling origin you can move it to your desired picture and then click on align to
object only button in below now you can rotate your objects in new origin in model and game.
you should export this model to m3g with tool that i said before or another good tool and use it in game