September 1, 2011

Xcode 4.1 and lion

Xcode 4.1 and lion

In my new series of post I decided to write something about xcode 4.1


and lion os that i use in next post.

Xcode 4.1 can use in snow leopard also but you should download deferent version

For snow leopard .From Xcode 4 you see great change especially in interface of program.

You can add library to program in 4 device orientations (portrait upside-down landscape left and right) without add any more code.

With new interface you can use deferent editor without leave of xcode .New editor help you to have easier programming. You can switch between editors with click on view and editor in toolbar.I don’t want explain more about xcode and lion because you can find them in apple site.

clip_image004I write this post because if you have problem in xcode and lion discuss it in comment of this posts. In next post you’ll see articles about location based game.

Bye for now and wait for your comments.



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